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Common Problems and Solutions

How can I stop other players from copying and reselling my models?

  • After you create a model, you can lock it by tapping the “Editable” button on its preview window to change it to “Uneditable.”
  • Locked models cannot be saved and resold by players who purchase them.
  • If you start selling an unlocked model, you can not ever lock it!

The app is crashing, what can I do?

  • Try restarting your device to see if that helps.
  • Make sure you're running the most recent iOS (check your device settings to see if your software needs to be updated).
  • If restarting doesn't help, please try deleting some of your unpublished worlds.
  • If restarting your device or deleting some unpublished worlds doesn't resolve the issue, please backup your device and try re-installing the application.

My In-App purchase wasn't credited, what can I do?

  • In-App Purchases may be delayed for various reasons. Please wait 30 minutes, then restart Blocksworld to see if the coins or content are there.

Why was my world or model rejected?

  • It could be that you forgot to take a screenshot. But sometimes we have to reject worlds and models because they show bodily functions, drug or alcohol use, nudity, extreme violence, or sexual activity. Please don't give away your personal information or use bad language. And we ask that you respect other players and be nice.

How can I earn coins?

  • You can earn free coins the following ways:
    • Play the app every day to earn rewards!
    • Unlock badges to get free coins! Check your player profile to find ones you haven't finished. Look at other player profiles on the community to find hidden ones you might not know about!
    • Build worlds and get coins for the number of Likes on your world:
      • Cool World! (10 likes, 5 coins)
      • Great World! (25 likes, 10 coins)
      • Awesome World! (50 likes, 20 coins)
      • Excellent World! (100 likes, 25 coins)
      • Amazing World! (500 likes, 50 coins)
      • Elite World! (2,000 likes, 75 coins)
      • Hall of Fame World! (5,000 likes, 150 coins)
      • Legendary World! (10,000 likes, 300 coins)
    • Create and sell models in our shop to earn even more coins! You can watch this video to learn how to do that.

Where can I learn to be a better builder?

How do I redeem my earned coins?

  • You will need a PayPal account to redeem your earned coins. Get permission from your parents to use their account if you are under 18, or have them help you create one.
  • If you have more than 5,000 earned coins, you'll get a message on Tuesdays asking if you'd like to redeem them. Select 'Yes!' if you want to start the redemption process.
  • Enter your PayPal email address.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you (check your Junk or Spam folders if you don't see it in your Inbox). Confirm your email address by opening the link provided in the confirmation email.
  • Provide your name, age, and the number of earned coins you want to redeem. Your coins will be removed from your account.
  • After processing and approving the request, funds will be transferred into your PayPal account!
  • If you change your mind and want your coins back, please contact support immediately.

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